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Comic Reviews for September 23rd 2009

3 comics to review for you all this week. Let’s get to it!

Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant Size One-Shot
Written: Mark Millar
Art: Steve McNiven

Opening Comments: I’ve been loving the Old Man Logan story and this was a satisfying conclusion. It was bloody, over the top and wild. Though sadly what put me off was the price of 4.99. This comic is a 3.99 buy at best and it did not feel worth the 4.99 price at all.

Story Comments: the story here was very basic. Wolverine kills hulk gang. Banner comes out to play. Wolverine and Banner fight. Shit gets real. Wolverine kills Banner. Wolverine buries family. Wolverine has last Banner child on his back and goes off to save the world.

All in all a satisfying conclusion that was both open ended enough but at the same time closed it’s own story. It ended with the cliché “riding off in the sunset” ending we all saw coming but at the same time it was very satisfying and it told the overall story of Old Man Logan becoming Wolverine again.

Millar is often a very over the top writer and no surprise here that this was a very over the top conclusion. All of the action is intense and very bloody and in this story it works well. Wolverine is the kind of hero that can really cut loose and go wild like this and it works very well.

My favorite character here had to be Pappy Banner. Just seeing this old man through Wolverine around was great. Though it was nasty hearing that he and She-Hulk hooked up to start a family. Not exactly a twist I’m fond of even though it does make sense.

Millar has done a good job of painting the Hulk Gang as a big family of villains. Their the nastiest of the nasty. Eating people, F***ing their cousins, just all around redneck nutjobs you want to see Wolverine tear in to. So this was a satisfying bloody issue.

This issue’s biggest flaw was how predictable it was. Mostly with the ending and how Wolverine kills Pappy Banner. He played “Alien” then killed the last guy other then the baby. A twist I saw the second Banner said he ate Wolverine.

While this whole story wasn’t amazingly unique it still had some great twisted aspects to it that made it feel more unique and interesting. This finale though, fun as it was, definitely skimped on the unique and interesting and just gave us gore and insanity. Though I did like Wolverine’s last words as he rode off.

My biggest issue was the price. Now this issue would have been fine at a 3.99 price, but the way they try and add “bonuses” to make it worth the 4.99 is crap. They add a cover gallery that really is only useful for the very few variants it had and some sketch work and penciled pages. How wonderful. Can I have a dollar back now?

It was just unfair fluffing from Marvel to try and squeeze an extra dollar out of us all for no real reason other then they want money.

Overall though this was a satisfying and enjoyable story though not much else. No real major epic moment that really made me go “F*** yeah!” like in prior issues. Just a solid and enjoyable finale is all and not much else.

Art Comments: McNiven’s art on this story has usually been worth the wait. This issue was no different as every page and panel is gorgeous. McNiven brings the gore and grim of this issue beautifully to live though I was very disappointed that we didn’t get any real emotion to convey which is where his art can really shine.

Final Comments: If you haven’t been reading Old Man Logan then this is a horrible place to start. Go pick up the collection. Though at least know this was a satisfying conclusion to an all around enjoyable story.

Writing: 3 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Check It

The Amazing Spider-man #606
Written: Joe Kelly
Art: Mike McKone

Opening Comments: Black Cat is a great character who sadly has been missing from Spider-man for far too long. With her return Joe Kelly offers a big bowl of great action, character work and an exciting cliff-hanger leaving me excited for more.

Story Comments: I love the opening. It’s comedic, it’s enjoyable and a great continuation of the last developments following Red Headed Stranger. The only part I didn’t like was Peter yelling at MJ accidentally and her running off. MJ isn’t exactly little miss shy so this moment felt odd to me

Though the rest of this comic is golden. It’s pure greatness and I absolutely loved it. Mostly the part with Black Cat though the quick moment of Spider-man talking to thug was great as well. Kelly handles these characters so well and interjects some brilliant comedy as well.

Spider-man himself is a comedic character so writers who excel at wit and comedy fit him perfectly. This is of course why writers such as Dan Slott often fit Spider-man and it made sense to add them to the Spidey Brain trust but I wasn’t sure of Kelly. I know he’d done some funny stuff with Deadpool in the past but as far as Spider-man was concerned I wasn’t sure if he was a right choice.

Though I’ve heard nothing but good things about the American Son arc and I finally am experiencing Kelly’s great handle on Spider-man here. It’s amazing (pun mildly intended) as he totally grasps both Peter Parker and Spider-man and it fits incredibly well.

Though the star of this issue wasn’t really just Spider-man. It’s the lady on that awesome J. Scott Campbell cover, Black Cat. She shows up and the second she shows up the comic goes from great to spectacular. It’s a funny but interesting read and it’s great reading as these characters interact.

Black Cat doesn’t know who Spider-man is and Spider-man and her spend the majority of this issue arguing. Also she’s got her bad luck powers but she now calls them “Hilarity ensues” powers which I find much better and rather hilarious.

Kelly writes her incredibly well. Handling her strong personality and yet hasn’t ignored her developments as a more interesting character. Though we haven’t fully seen if she’s the more developed and interesting character yet or if she’s more the older Black Cat which I guess we’ll see next issue.

The comedy between Spider-man and Black Cat is insanely good. She makes little pokes at him but by far the best joke was a sex joke. I won’t say it just because it’s too funny to parrot. You have to read it to really enjoy it and it had me in stitches. Absolutely gut busting funny.

While the plot of Diablo and whatever the hell he was up to wasn’t too interesting it was enough to serve a purpose as to why Black Cat is back in town and for that I enjoy it. Though I’m not even sure what happened to him. Did he blow up? Disappear? I guess next issue will answer that.

I liked the cliff-hanger. I’m sure MJ fans will be pissed but I’m not too rattled up since it’s not like this is the one thing that will stop MJ and Peter from getting back together. There’s this whole deal with the devil thing that kind of already got in the way.

I did like the narration though usually I don’t care much for Spider-man’s narration. Kelly used it well and it especially was great for the final page as it fits Spider-man well that he would think that as the final moment happens.

Overall this was a spectacular read and the best issue yet since I’ve been reading Spider-man.

Art Comments: McKone is a solid artist though his work really shines when we see Spider-man. He does a solid job with the opening but his art really is best when Spider-man is swinging. I especially like his Black Cat as it’s the usual sexy Felicia but she does look a little different. All around great art.

Final Comments: Spider-man is flying high and with a girl like Black Cat in his arms who can blame him. Kelly writes a great opening to this 2 part storyline and I’m excited for more.

Writing: 5 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Must Have

Invincible #66
Written: Robert Kirkman
Art: Cory Walker

Opening Comments: I wasn’t too excited for this. Much as I’ve enjoyed Walker’s art in the past I figured this would be a passable read that I would go “it’s fun, it’s over, back to Invincible!” but it turns out I loved this read. It’s only real fault is it was too short.

Story Comments: We pick up right after #55 from last year where Nolan drops the bomb that there are only about 50 Viltrumites left. This issue explains why with a few pages of showing that there was a big virus made by Viltrumite enemies. A nice explanation and better then some “we where too stubborn to breed” bull crap.

I did like the Conquest cameo which explained that he actually got the virus and how he lost his hand and eye but that he survived since it only weakened him at a time while it killed others. It was a great little twit to the history of the new villain.

I loved the scene between Allen and his girlfriend. It was so funny and the ending was great. Though I just find it hilarious how even blue aliens with no noses still have big breasts and wear lingerie. It’s funny to me.

We do find out that there is a mission for these two. Their off to find weapons to help the galaxy fight the Viltrumite empire. A nice little idea though with something like this I would think that we would have more then a 2 part storyline since this issue ends just with them trying to get the first device.

Though here comes my big complaint with this issue and what stopped it from being a Must Have. It was too short. It was a great read but it just cuts and leaves you wanting more but not in the good way. The way that makes you think there was a few more pages that couldn’t be added.

Still it’s the only real complaint I have for this issue. Plotting was solid and character work was great. I really like Allen and Nolan and I especially liked how they work together as a team. They make a great duo.

Art Comments: I wasn’t expecting too much from Walker but he really blew me away this time. I especially loved the coloring that brought his strong art to life. Everything here looks great though he really excels with the big splashpage of all the Viltrumite bodies being dumped. A grim and dark scene that was drawn beautifully. Definitely his best art I’ve seen in a while.

Final Comments: If you’ve been paying attention to Nolan and Allen then this should be a great read. While not a solid jumping on point it was still a fun read and had beautiful art. I give it a high recommendation.

Writing: 4 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Must Read

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