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Solicit Commentary - December 2009

Solicits bring a smile to my face (a nice change of pace) to me this month as December is looking to be a great month for comics. Not only is it Christmas (and all that other good stuff) but Marvel, DC and Image all seem to be bringing the awesome in December. Mostly at least.

Image Solicits for December 2009
DC Solicits for December 2009
Marvel Solicits for December 2009

Image United #2

Sadly the solicit doesn’t give us much to read. It’s just telling us the villain is on the loose and reiterates the point that this has so many artists working on it. Something I can see in the artist credit anyway. Still really excited for this event.

Haunt #3

Glad that Kirkman is moving fast to start giving us some answers with this series. Spawn took about a year to give us a good amount of answers about the character and it worked. Haunt seems to be moving faster and I don’t mind that one bit. I’m sure this will be a strong read as I’m really excited for the series debut next month.

Spawn Endgame volume 2 TPB

With Endgame hitting a frustrating delay the urge to just collection wait Spawn is stronger then ever. But if you are collection waiting then I can say that so far volume 2 has been an enjoyable read so if you liked volume 1 you’ll probably enjoy this volume as well.

Invincible #69

An interesting sounding issue and I’m glad we’ve got a new villain already. Though I’m not sure if she’s villain or hero. Also I love how the cover shows Eve’s messed up powers. This is a great cover. Though I am confused, I thought the Invincible Returns one-shot was going to debut at the end of 2009? I guess I heard wrong and it will show up sometime later in 2010.

Jersey Gods #10

So far the Abandoned has been an enjoyable arc. Though I do hate the promise of killing off one of the gods. Honestly I think it’s a dumb idea to kill off cast members early on in a new comic. Though I’m hopeful that Brunswick can at least make it an interesting death.

Spawn #199

With the series having hit a delay I’m willing to bet this issue doesn’t come out on time. Though if McFarlane can pull double duty to get it back on schedule that would be great. Now this credits McFarlane and Capullo, are they working together again on the comic? I would love nothing more then that.

Sadly Portacio is ending his run on Spawn with #195. He’s moving back to Marvel and working on Hulk. This news put me in a foul mood but the team of McFarlane and Capullo and Spawn may be just what I need to chase away my blues.

Angelus #1

I’m going to buy this. I know I am. I’ll add it to my pull list because it’s Marz and Sejic, a team I know can do well. While I may not be a big fan of the character Dani I am very interested in her new role as Angelus. I’m sure this will be a great mini and I look forward to it.

Witchblade #133

This issue sounds very simple. Not too excited for it. But I’m sure it will be another great read. I hope we’ll get lots of cool action and I bet the Troll itself will have a real wicked look.

Pilot Season: Demonic #1

I’ve been on the fence so far about Pilot Season. This is the first of the one-shots so far that sounds really interesting so I’ll definitely pick this one up. Much as I’ve been enjoying Kirkman’s work I wish this season had more then one writer telling all these new stories but I’m sure at least one will be good. So I’ll definitely pick this one up and maybe others if they interest me.

Blackest Night #6

Hard not to be hopeful that at this point things really get heating up. Blackest Night is already almost halfway over and after a disappointing 3rd issue I’m hopeful that by now the shit really hits the fan. Also I liked the finished version of that cover that originally was solicited for #4. I don’t mind the cover change since this is so awesome.

Green Lantern Corps #43

Guy! No! For those unaware I really like Guy Gardner, I think he’s awesome. I hope this is a fake out cover but I doubt it. Also some people are figuring this means Ice will die, which is something that would frustrate me since I really like their relationship. I may pick up this issue just to see if everything is okay or not.

Blackest Night: Flash #1

After seeing how slow Flash: Rebirth has been I’m not too interested in this mini. Kollins is a great artist though so if I do pick this up it would be for the art alone. I don’t find Barry all that interesting and I’m sure Wally will be pushed aside for more Barry praise.

Streets of Gotham #7

Nice of them to give Manhunter her own cover for this issue even though she’s still in the backup story. As for the main story I’m so glad that Dini is back and I’m really excited to see what happens here with Zsasz and Batman hopefully fighting. Should be a great read I’m sure.

Oddly enough Batman and Robin is nowhere to be seen. I know Cameron Stewart was announced as the artist but did the series hit a snag? Is Tan delaying it somehow or is Stewart asking for a month delay? I’m confused.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #5

Odd, seems the Spidey/Mysterio fight is going to last more then one issue. Well I’m hopeful that it’s as epic as it sounds. As to who comes to Spider-man’s aid I’m guessing it’s that mysterious shroud person or maybe Kitty.

Siege: the Cabal

So this is what it all comes down to. All of Osborn’s hard work and plans blowing up in his face. I knew Doom doesn’t play nice for long but damn this is looking to be epic as all hell. I may pick this up as I’d love to see Doom going to town on Osborn and beating him down as he deserves.

Lark on art is also a nice bonus as I’m really excited to see how he can handle a big comic like this. Also I bet he’ll work well with someone like Bendis making this into an awesome one-shot I seriously want to check out.

Mighty Avengers #32

I want to drop this series. I do. But for whatever twisted reason I won’t. Not for now at least. It’s so painfully tempting and Pham back on art no doubt going to do poor work but what’s worse is Slott is gone. Now hopefully this is just a one time issue but…damn, he’s the main big reason I even started buying the series! It's hanging by a thin thread. I'm highly considering dropping it and it has just one last chance in October to win me back. I if I don't enjoy that issue, completism be damned, I'm dropping this series.

Dark Avengers #12

With the Siege story coming up I figure Dark Avengers will be the most important comic to read during it. I may start reading Dark Avengers again. Though this story doesn’t sound so interesting so I’ll wait until the Siege story coming in January.

Dark Avengers Annual #1

I love Bachalo’s art but it would be the only reason I would pick this up so I’ll just wait until this is added into whatever collection of Dark Avengers they put it in. For 4.99 I doubt this will really be worth it. The only reason I could think someone would want to read this is if they are really that curious at to the fate of Marvel Boy which I am not.

New Avengers #60

Bendis is not going to kill off Luke Cage. No way. I’m calling it now. Not going to happen.

New Avengers Annual #3

I dig Mayhew on art and I know this comic will look good. Though Clint is an idiot who pretty much deserves to get his ass killed again so what do I care? Only thing keeping me mildly interested is seeing Jessica Jones become Jewel again.

Thor #605

I guess Siege is the event JMS mentioned that he didn’t want any part of writing which is why he left Thor. Makes sense since his last ‘event’ (OMD) didn’t go so well for him.

Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?

My guess is Steve with the upcoming movie. Though I’d like it if Bucky stuck around as Cap as well. Not much I can say other then I hope Bucky doesn’t get forgotten.

2009 What Ifs?

So this year has a fairly weak looking batch of What Ifs. Astonishing X-men looks all right. As does World War Hulk. Though Larry Stroman is on the Secret Invasion one and I’d rather read 1,000 Leifield comics then see his art. The only one I can say I will probably pick up is What if? Spider-man House of M because that one sounds great. Even though I don’t like Tieri’s writing much I hope Mckeever can do a good job and I’m excited to see Haberlin doing art again. So I’ll pick up at least one of this year’s What Ifs at least.

Dark Wolverine #81

I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about this series. This issue sounds really cool and it seems to be a one-shot so I’ll pick it up and if I like it I may give the series a regular spot on the pull list. Maybe. I’m mostly just interested to see where they take the dynamic between Daken and Moonstone.

Uncanny X-men #518-#519

An interesting sounding story to coincide with this big Nation X type story. If this is more of a 2 parter or one-shot I may pick it up. Mostly because I’m really curious as to Emma’s fate and if she can be normal again.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers TPB

Marvel, this needs a HC! This is too good just to get the TPB treatment! Oh well. This is an awesome collection that should not be missed out by anyone!


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