Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Week Begins - September 3rd 2009

Apologies for the delay on this edition of The Week Begins, I got Arkham Asylum on Sunday and have been having trouble pulling myself away from it. It’s amazing.I am at the final boss as of writing this (needed a break or my head would implode), so my review will be written after I beat it and I’ll write it up then, though I already have points to make both good and bad. All I can say for now is that it’s a phenomenal game.

I also must say that the Disney/Marvel merger just really threw me off. So much that I completely forgot about this edition of The Week Begins. Also I hate to say it but no Month’s or Week’s End in case you couldn’t tell, also no cartoon review though hopefully there should be no obstructions next weekend, Saturday and Sunday where both incredibly busy for me.

One last thing before we move on to the comics, I’m dropping Savage Dragon, Ultimate Comics Avengers and Captain America: Reborn. It’s a thing of cost purely. Also I’m adding Amazing Spider-man (not something I thought I’d ever say) for the month of September to read the rest of Red Headed Stranger and the Black Cat returns arc. That’s it though.

So with all that out of the way, lets move on to the comics!

Jersey Gods #7 *Most Anticipated*
Written: Glen Brunswick
Art: Dan McDaid

Brunswick has been phenomenal on this series for the last 6 issues, I can’t see why the 7th would be any different. Sadly I am worried that with this arc Brunswick has too much on his plate. Zoe going to Neboron and wanting a house, the new band of villain, Barock trying to juggle being a hero and his new job as a fashion model. It’s all a lot and could easily overwhelm him and make the plot slow down and become very disjointed.

Also about Barock as a fashion model. It’s not exactly something you’d expect but I’m not complaining. It’s a rather interesting twist and hey, if anyone can make it work it’s Brunswick.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #2
Written: Brian Bendis
Art: David Lafuente

I can still taste some leftover haterade from my review of issue #1 last month. I really do want to love this comic like the Ultimate Spider-man I read over the years but sadly it’s just not doing it for me with the first issue. I’m really hopeful that Bendis can clear up some major answers, why is MJ out of the picture, when and why did Peter/Gwen hook up and what the hell happened to the supporting cast. Oh, I guess the whole Mysterio/Shrouded guy plots are interesting too. But I want my side characters!

I really am hopeful that this issue will be a step up from the clueless poor storytelling that Bends gave us last time as last issue was no way to start off a series. Hopefully he can make the frustrations worth my while and make me love Ultimate Spider-man again.

Marvel Zombies Return #1
Written: Fred Van Lente
Art: Nick Dragotta

I am considering not picking this up. While it’s not on the pull list, Marvel Zombies 4 wasn’t on my pull list either but the guys added it since they know I love Marvel Zombies. I’m considering picking up this issue mostly since it stars Spider-man and it’s written by Fred Van Lente.

Marvel Zombies though has burnt me out. It’s like when you go on a roller coaster several times. Sure the first couple of times was exciting but now I’m getting bored and I’d rather go on some other ride. Still if I do or do not pick up this series is all to be determined when I get to the shop. Though with Amazing Spider-man taking a chunk out of my funds, chances are high that I’m going to be collection waiting this.

Now I gotta go, I'm seeing nothing but detective Vision in real life and I think I have to go see my eye doctor...or therapist, whichever can explain this best.

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