Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Solicit Commentary for January 2010

No sickness can dare attempt to halt the power of solicit commentary! Though late, it still made it to the party.

So the new year is already sneaking up on us. We've got a lot to do to prepare but until then let's take a sneak peak into the year 2010.

Haunt #4

Though the first issue wasn’t a perfect start I remain excited for this series and I’m especially excited to see Haunt clash with this villain, Cobra. As to what happens I’m not sure but I’m sure it will be cool. Also I like that cover.

Image United #3

I’m calling it here, if Image United can make it this far then after this point it will hit a delay. That is being nice and figuring the Image founders can seriously make it halfway with this comic and not hit a delay which I seriously think will happen.

With the announcement of Al Simmons returning as the villain I’m even more excited for Image United, but I’m being realistic with my expectations in that I know damn well it’s going to hit a delay. We all know it. And hey if they can make it half way without hitting a delay, I’ll be satisfied.

Savage Dragon #156

Agh…want…to read…Savage Dragon…again. This sounds so awesome! Damn. All right, it’s official that after Siege and Blackest Night I’ll be adding Savage Dragon back to my pull list as soon as possible! Seriously!

Jersey Gods volume 2

Love that cover by Whilce Portacio. Only mentioning this book to say how disappointed I am to see that Jersey Gods is skipping a month again. I guess I can understand that McDaid needs the reprieve but damn it sucks starting off the new year without some Jersey Gods goodness.

Savage Dragon: Back in Blue

Going to pick this up since I read the story arc from 145 to 150 and it was a great time and I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Savage Dragon.

Shadowhawk Chronicles volume 1

YES! While I haven’t read a lot of Shadowhawk, trust me when I say that what I have read I have loved. I cannot wait to pick this up. I think I’m going to preorder this. A huge book all for the sweet price of 20 bucks? Count me in.

While it is in black and white, it’s no secret I love black and white so I don’t mind. And what’s that? A new ongoing? Excuse me as I just died a little of joy. Sadly Jim Valentino says Shadowhawk 2 won’t be the Shadowhawk in it though. I hope this doesn’t mean Eddie will get killed in Image United.

Now as for this new ongoing, will I pick it up? Well I hope it has talent I’m familiar with. If Keith Giffen where to write and draw it I think I’d die of joy (again). Though as for this new ongoing I’m going to at the very least pick up the first issue as I love the character of Shadowhawk and can’t wait to get to read about him on a regular basis again.

Invincible #70

I love that cover, it’s so manic and suffocating. It works so well. I’m looking forward to this story though mostly I’m really pumped up for the upcoming Viltrumite war, which sadly isn’t until #75. Oh well.

Angelus #2

I figured it wouldn’t be long until they pull the “Dani struggling for control” bit but I was hoping it would be a little later in the mini. Still I’m really looking forward to this mini series.

Witchblade #134

Last year the one –shot story of Sara vs. Aphrodite was an incredible read. One of the best one-shot stories of the year and I absolutely loved it. It was also the first ever Comic of the Month. So seeing these 2 collide again really has me excited, especially since it’s a story arc. Can’t wait for this issue.

Pilot Season: Stealth #1

This sounds like a really interesting twist for a character. I may pick up this as well as Demonic in December.

So Blackest Night is taking a break for one month. To be honest I’ll be impressed if Reis makes it to #6 without a delay but hey fingers crossed. DC is giving us a lot of random one-shots which while it sounds nice, none of them appeal to me. So I’ll just wait for Blackest Night to start again, assuming there are no delays, in February.

Green Lantern Corps #44

So it’s official that Guy will become a Red Lantern. I see this as meaning one of 2 things will happen. Ice will arrive on Oa and get killed by a Black Lantern or Kyle will have to kill Guy to stop his friend from living life as a hatred filled beast. Either way I don’t like it and I hope I’m wrong on both of those.

We saw that with the aid of a Blue Lantern the Red Lantern effect can be stopped but I don’t think there will be any Blue Lanterns to save Guy here. Someone’s going to die and either way I’m not going to like it.

Batman and Robin #7

Not sure why this issue was delayed, but oh well. Really excited to check out Cameron Stewart on this series and see what he’s got. A lot of people don’t like his fairly cartoony style but I think that along with Morrison he’ll turn in some great stuff.

Streets of Gotham #8

I love that cover by Nguyen, wicked as all hell. I’m really excited to see Batman take on Zsasz as this issue has been building since #3 and I’m excited as can be to read it. Dini is opening the year by closing the first major arc of Streets of Gotham and it should be a great read.

Siege #1

So I’m going to be reading this, only for the sake that it’s 4 issues. That and I really want to read something with Coipel on art since I haven’t read stuff with his art since House of M and no offense to him or his fans, but that stuff was weak. I’m really excited to see how he’s grown over the years.

As for the event itself? It sounds all right. Norman going after Asgard is a really interesting twist and I’m sure this is why JMS left Thor for now. No doubt. Also the classic 3 Avengers teaming up should be great. I hope Mighty Avengers gets a tie-in.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #6

This arc seems to be going on longer then I figured. Spider-man isn’t through with Mysterio by #5? Really odd. Also I guess this spoils the upcoming fight. Damn shame.

Mighty Avengers #33

I know I’ve been really hard on Pham, but that cover is pretty cool as he does a great job with Osborn’s wicked face. Now with that said I must admit last issue renewed my faith in this series and has me looking forward to the upcoming confrontation next time with the Dark Avengers.

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