Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Game Chosen

4 games, 2 possible outcomes, only 1 survivor.

All right everyone, sorry for closing the poll early but that damn gift certificate is only good until December 1st and I figure I’ve made my choice.

Now though God of War Collection won the poll, it’s still not on Dell’s website so it lost. Though it is near the top of my games to buy list so when I do buy it, you’ll all know as I’ll probably review it.

The only game one the list that won was New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

As I said last Saturday, I’ve been dying for a new reason to play my Wii. It’s just a white brick right now taking up space. Also a new Mario Bros. game is just what I need to really remind me why I have  Wii so this game looks like the perfect buy.

But we’ve got another game coming as well, Final Fantasy 4 on the DS.

I mainly chose this because I’m going to visit family for Christmas this year, and it’s a long drive to Utah from here so nothing better to make the trip easier then some classic Final Fantasy on the DS to pass the time away.

Also for those who never saw my top 10 favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy 4 is my #1 favorite game of all time. This updated 3D version looks absolutely perfect and a must have for me so I’ll be picking this up along with Mario Bros.

Thanks to all who voted, I appreciate your comments and thoughts. I always appreciate any form of input from you all so this was really nice.

So expect a review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii probably some time after Christmas. Since it’s technically a Christmas present.

I wanted to take this time to also let you guys know what’s in store for New Age Comics for the rest of November and into December.

Come Thanksgiving will be Comics to be  Thankful for. But I’m not alone on this one, I’ll be posting all the comics that my fellow Revolutionaries are Rokk’s ComicBook Revolution. It’s a fun little post that will hopefully get you all in the Thanksgiving spirit.

I’m planning to do a one post review of the highly anticipated Image United, my most anticipated comic of the month.

Come December I’m hoping to do something like a Holiday Guide for all you shoppers out there looking for something perfect for the comic lover in your life.

I’m also thinking up a top 10 favorite Christmas songs list. I know, call me corny but I eat that stuff up.

So that’s all from Andrenn, look for those upcoming posts and see you all soon.

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