Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week's End - November 15th 2009

Week’s End back after breaking it’s leg and seemingly getting lost. All better and ready to school all you kids on what was awesome this week.

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A warning, some Spoiler for Green Lantern Corps #42, if you don’t what to know who dies, don’t read this!

Comic of the Week: Jersey Gods #9

This week had some great reads but I’m going to have to give it to Jersey Gods for some seriously great character work and the best comedy so far of the young series. In my review I pointed out that this issue wasn’t perfect but this series still continues to be one of the best comics on the shelves each month.

Moment of the Week: Kyle! Noooooo!

Wow, talk about coming out of nowhere and slapping us all in the face. I don’t think anyone saw Kyle Rayner dying. I figured by now Carol Ferris or Soranik since those are 2 obvious characters to kill off. But not Kyle, anybody but Kyle! Still, sad as it is to see him dead, he went out with a bang, saving the Corps.

I hate character death  that feels useless, but a death like this that has some true heroic way to die. That’s something special and this is a monumental and incredibly well done death. R.I.P. Kyle, I hope you’re happy in that big fridge in the sky.

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #611 by Skottie Young

Call me predictable all you want, this was a damn fine cover and you all love it. Don’t deny the awesomeness that is making fun of the cliché 90’s Hero look. What really makes it is that little bubble of Deadpool showing his approval. This is just an awesome image and I love every bit of it.

Artist of the Week: Dan McDaid

This week had some great art, but I have to give it to Dan McDaid turning in his best work so far on Jersey Gods. His stuff here was really great and his page lay out and panel work was really impressive. His problems of the past where all gone here as Jersey Gods is now one of the best looking comics on the shelves as well.

Character of the Week: Deadpool

So Kyle got the big death scene but that doesn’t mean Deadpool didn’t get to steal some of the spotlight for himself when he went toe to toe with Spider-man. Deadpool was absolutely over the top wild this week and he was great. Deadpool fans rejoice!

“Ugh” of the Week: Robin calling Flamingo “gay”

I’ve already said how stupid, lazy and just immature this moment was but I figure I’ll say one last thing about this. It was just groan inducing at how Morrison sunk down to some downright stupid writing and someone who’s supposed to be a hero saying such a stupid thing feels so painfully out of place that. Tim Drake may not be perfect but he’s not this stupid.


michaeljsmith said...

i didn't have much of a problem with the "gay" comment describing Flamingo because that is likely the first comment people really made looking at his design...

other than that you are dead on with most of your analysis of the books this week (though I don't read Deadpool)

Andrenn said...

@Michaeljsmith: While it's obvious that Flamingo is flamboyant and maybe bring up that, it was still a stupid moment for me.