Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week's End - November 22nd 2009

With this edition of Week’s End comes again some spoilers for Invincible #68, again, if you have not read that issue yet I highly advise you avoid this post like the plague.

Comic of the Week: Invincible #68

Not too hard of a choice, Kirkman and Ottley delivered the goods on returning to one of the best comics out there. This month’s Invincible really blew me away and was just all around greatness. Of course what really elevated it was being stuffed with great character work, tons of fun moments and awesome art.

Moment of the Week: Eve is Pregnant! And Conquest lives!

Eve being pregnant is a pretty big twist for the Invincible series. If Kirkman can actually do something with this and avoid the most annoying of super hero clichés I think it could be a brilliant move.

CONQUEST! Yes! I am so glad to see Conquest back in action. Hopefully he’s going to be a major role during the Viltrumite war since it seems he’s going home to prepare his pals to invade. That’s just my guess though.

Cover of the Week: Mighty Avengers #31 by Marko Djurdjevic

No surprise that he’s back for another round of cover of the week. This guys work consistently blows me away and while this cover is no exception I’ve got a bit of extra reasons why it’s my favorite this week.

He fits a lot of Avengers onto the image but at the same time it doesn’t feel like they all got  clumped together. It all fits nicely really. Also he uses a good amount of Avengers from all 3 teams, New, Mighty and Initiative.

Then there’s the coloring, I just love it. It looks like the Avengers are standing in a hellish battlefield as the smoke clears and they stand victorious. Very cool image and it’s just beautifully complimented by the colors. Just all around a great cover.

Artist of the Week: Ryan Ottley

Ottley mainly wins this for his great return to Invincible. Much as I loved Walker’s art on his run, Ottley really blew me away with his art here on Invincible as it looked absolutely awesome.

“Whoa” of the Week: Nice Outfits

There’s been a lot of mixed reaction from fans on the new costumes here. While Liberty Belle’s looks downright stupid I really like Wally’s. I think it’s much better then Barry’s as it’s more dynamic and eye catching and overall just looks cooler. Of course Wally’s daughter as the new Impulse confuses me but whatever. Point is I like this twist and it makes the 2 Flash’ more distinguishable. I still like Wally more but you get the point.

Collection of the Week: Destroyer HC

I love me some good old fashioned violence and it doesn’t look like anything can compete with Destroyer. Everything I’ve heard about this mini-series sounds awesome and I can’t wait to get myself a copy and read all the insane over the top goodness that Kirkman and Walker have created.

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