Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My thoughts on Batman: Arkham Asylum

Several months back I commented on how the game Batman: Arkham Asylum was in the works just when it was first announced. It’s been a long while and I’ve been waiting for a good time to comment on it again as trailers, screenshots and further announcements where made.

Furthering one of my original comments, I’m excited that

Paul Dini wrote the storyline. He’s my 3rd favorite Batman writer and judging from the snips we’ve seen of the storyline, this looks to be very interesting. I’m hoping he can throw in some cool twists and turns rather then it being a simple “Batman goes in, Batman gets the Joker, Batman goes home” type story but even if it is, I’m sure there will be some cool moments.

Though as optimistic as I am for this video game I can’t help but remember Spider-man: Web of Shadows. A great looking game that turned out to be mediocre and “just okay” like most super hero games nowadays. The only really good super hero video game in these last few years of gaming I can think of was Ultimate Spider-man but that’s it.

Though still this game doesn’t look like it was made for a cheap buck or to ride on the success of the Dark Knight. Mostly since it has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Though I also have to admit that Batman has had much better luck with video games then other super heroes. There’s the classic on the NES and other great games.

Another thing that gives me hope is that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are returning to their roles from Batman: the animated series. This along with Paul Dini has lead this game to be called “the Ultimate Batman game” and I must admit with those 3 factors alone it has a lot going for it.

The game also looks great, characters like Joker and Killer Croc all have a cool updated more realistic, to an extent at least, look and it really is great. Though graphics have never really been a big thing for me. Textures look dark and eerie and Arkham’s overall design looks very impressive. Enemies are a little bland looking, just your typical thug type enemies in clown masks. Still the game looks very well done, nice detail and very visually appealing.

The gameplay is where it looks solid, it has a cool mix of action/beat ‘em up from games like God of War and Stealth/Detective work from games like the Splinter Cell or Metal Gear series. This looks really cool and to have just an awesome mix of the two so that you wouldn’t be spending too long sneaking or too long fighting. I do have a high hope that we’ll get plenty of fun detective puzzles that are both challenging and interesting as it seems nowadays the puzzles in action games have gotten dumber and dumber. This is a chance to have some really solid challenges along with great action.

Overall I’m really looking forward to this game, I have a PS3 so it’s a must have come June. It’s got incredible talent on it, a great gameplay design and it seems to really fit the Batman Universe nicely. As a Batman fan I can only be hopeful for this great looking new game coming out in June. I thought I’d have more to say really but I guess what more there is to say is simply that it looks good, there’s incredible talent behind it and as a Batman fan this really has my attention and while I’m a little cautious, my hopes are still high for a good Batman game.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Week Begins

The Week Begins and we’ve got some good looking comics coming with it.

Jersey Gods #3 *Most Anticipated*

Written: Glen Brunswick

Art: Dan McDaid

I am very excited to see where we go from here. I’m hoping for more Barock/Zoe discussion even if just a little at the end as this series seriously has me itching for more from these two. I definitely recommend it if you’re interested in something new with a little bit of a classic feeling to it.

Savage Dragon #146

Written and art: Erik Larsen

I don’t know why but I’m considering dropping this. I’ve been loving just about every issue, the characters are great, it has more heart then the average comic and I just really enjoy it but I just can’t seem to be excited about it for some reason. Though I want to read it for a while and see if there is any good reason for my possibly dropping it, or if I’m just being weird.

New Avengers: the Reunion #2

Written: Jim McCann

Art: Dave Lopez

After my general negativity on the first issue, from the looks of things this series might actually be pretty good. I doubt it will be as Reunion filled in that I’m pretty sure these two won’t fall back in love but…wow it looks pretty good. Though I probably won’t start picking it up on the stands, I will definitely check out the collection.

Secret Warriors #3

Written: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Stefano Caselli

After a better 2nd issue I’m feeling more confident in this young series, it looks great from the preview and with the return of Nick Fury’s former love, it should be a great read. If this issue does go bad though I’m not sure if I’ll keep the series. Still I’m staying positive and hopeful for it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Month's End

With the month over it, like always is time for Month’ End. I wanted to try and incorporate some things from Week’s End, some new additions, but I think I’ll wait until next Month’s End for that.

Comic of the Month: Wolverine #71

I hate to say it but something about March of 2009 just didn’t feel as interesting or epic as most months have. Though this stuck out as the best of the good. Lots of cool moments, absolutely incredible artwork, I seriously love this storyline. Though I can’t help but wonder how this all plays out now, Millar has pretty much turned down the dark from “worry” to “their ****ed” and it’s really stomach churning stuff.

Moment of the Month: By bye Rex! From Invincible #60

While this issue wasn’t everything I had hoped to be, it was not without good moments and this stuck out to be the best. I doubt anyone saw Rex’ death coming as he’s been a fairly neutral character for the last several issues. But it was an epic and truly heroic way to go.

Cover of the Month: Witchblade #125 covers by Chris Bachalo

This is starting to look like a more condensed version of the last Week’s End. I have to throw in something extra now. But yeah, the se covers together are really incredible as I’ve said I really dig them and wish I could find Cover B.

The “Ugh” of the Month: Delays of Course!

So it seems that delays continue to plague some of the best comics out there. I’ll give Ultimate Spider-ma benefit of the doubt as I think it is just being delayed because of Ultimatum. Then Savage Dragon got delayed by a week, I guess that was probably something at the printers really or last minute stuff. But it’s still annoying, of course. Especially since Larsen has already been finishing up on #148 from the looks of it. But then we have the seemingly missing 2nd chapter to Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader, and I’m done not getting annoyed. I can accept that Kubert couldn’t get the second chapter out by February, but really, all of March? Really?

Artist of the Month: Steve McNiven

I know I know “but it takes him 2 months between issues” or so. It’s annoying, but come on, the man has the most sick eye for detail I’ve ever seen. He’s one of the very, very, very few artist who when they have a delay, it’s well worth it.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Upcoming Month: Jersey Gods #3

Added “Upcoming Month” as when I said “Most anticipated comic of the month” it sounds like I’m looking back on the comic that excited me the most. Now with Jersey Gods #2 I was officially hooked to the series and am excited to see more, though April has so much I can’t wait to read. Time Storm being a close second, more Secret Warriors, more Invincible, hopefully the conclusion to the Neil Gaiman Batman storyline. But this just barely takes the win for how gripping this book has become in all of 2 issues.

Week's End

So a bit of an odd Week’s End as we’re missing one part and introducing a couple of new things.

Comic of the Week: None!

Yes, no comic of the Week. Mighty Avengers from what I understand, was a mediocre read at best and I refuse to even come close to reading any spoilers for Spawn #190 because I am an idiot. So there are no comics of the Week.

Moment of the Week: Mighty Avengers #23

So I said that the book was obviously not comic of the week, it was just mediocre and okay from what I read on the spoilers but I must admit this was a cool twist. Where we go from here though is certainly important. Is Loki using the team for evil somehow? Is she actually a ‘hero’ in a sense? This certainly is a good way of tying into Dark Reign and this really looks to be a great twist for the series. But it’s about the only thing that stuck out for me in this issue.

Cover of the Week: Dark Reign: Elektra #1 variant by Clay Mann

There where some really cool covers to choose from but this one wins for the fact that it just looks really stylish. Elektra looks so serious and dark in mind ant attitude and the whole effect of the ninjas around her looks great.

Artist of the Week: Chris Bachalo

Every company has it’s fair share of unused talent or underappreciated artists and writers. For me one of the most under appreciated artist in the business has been Chris Bachalo. His style is always so powerful and energetic and wild. His best work so far to me was his work on X-men during the Messiah Complex event. Though unfortunately he’s been scrapped to back up artist for New Avengers when he deserves to be the regular artist judging by how amazing some of his stuff was here. Seriously Marvel, get him on a major book soon. Perhaps X-force sometime?

The Comic I wish I Could Have Got of the Week: Messiah War Prologue

Ugh, I wanted to get this so badly. It looks great, it sounds great and to all my hopes and dreams this looks really great. So you’ve figured by now this is just me saying the one comic of the week I can’t buy, but really want to. I’ll try not to make it all me whining about that though as seriously, this does look like a great and cool even. Marvel has certainly done a great job of hyping it up and getting me, someone who isn’t even reading it, excited.

The “ugh” of the Week: Justice League of America # 31

This is a special honor reserved for the most annoying of the annoying moments or comics of the week. Do not expect it every week as I won’t go searching every corner of the internet for an “ugh” for every week. Now this Ugh was a great way to start off this new addition to Week’s End. What better way than more proof that DC’s Editing staff half the time sleeps at the computer? How do you miss this? How do you miss the obvious Wonder Woman as Black Canary mix up? Honest to god I have no idea how someone could be so incompetent as to miss this. I can understand somewhat on the artists part, it was a simple mistake, but the editors? Come on! So there, that was ugh-filled, the fact that this somehow slipped through so easily as a huge error. All hail Wonder Canary.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Solicit COmmentary for June 2009

It’s solicit times! This time for June, 2009. I’m gonna be honest all I think about when June comes to mind is that Summer’s almost here and then my mind rather wanders…so I’ll do my best to keep on track for the comics.

Image Comics Solicits for June 2009

DC Comics Solicits for June 2009

Marvel Comics Solicits for June 2009

Spawn #193

This issue has generated quite a lot of buzz from the fans seeing as longtime beloved artist Greg Capullo is returning for the series. He’ll also be lending his talents as doing layouts for it, as he already is doing with Haunt. This issue itself looks cool, it’s about 3 of the biggest supporting characters in Spawn history, so I look forward to it.

Speaking of Haunt, where the hell is it? I checked and I couldn’t find it. Wasn’t it set for a June release? Maybe it was July and I’m get ting mixed up…another thing that is MIA is Witchblade #128, not like #127 where Top Cow just had their own later on solicits that I missed commenting on, as that issue does come out in May, but June seems to have no actual regular issue of Witchblade.

Spawn: Endgame volume 1.

Just commenting on this real quick. Nice idea of TMP to release a regular trade of this like Marvel and DC usually do.

Invincible #63

Oh that’s….beautiful. Kirkman must have wrote to Ottley “Ryan, I want you to draw the most bashed up and in pain version of Invincible you can think of. Go all out” and Ottley turned this sick piece of art in. It’s actually a really good cover in it’s detail but….ugh, a little over the top. Still really psyched to see Conquest and where all this goes.

Jersey Gods #5

If you checked the actual solicits then you see that I’m a cheater and that I chose to show the Dan McDaid cover instead. Only because that cover is so insanely perfect and hilarious. While I have my doubts that’s what actually happens, at least not from the look of the pace of things, if it is, then I’ll be one satisfied customer. The story itself sounds gripping and intense so I’m really psyched to check out the end of the series’ first big story arc.

Savage Dragon #149

Looking back last month I felt I didn’t give this series enough commentary as others. But now Larsen has made it hard for me to say anything other then “what the hell about dart?” as that’s all the damn solicit says! We know his kids get stolen but, what does this have to do with anything?

Fusion #2

I didn’t get to comment on the first issue since, again, I missed commenting on Top Cow’s solo solicitations last month but this series sounds interesting. It’s mainly just cool to see Sejic do an actual cover with Venom on it though for me.

Blood on the Sands

So this looks interesting, it’s a past look at the three bearers of the Trinity in another time. It sounds cool, it looks cool. I may have to check it out just to get my fix of Witchblade that month.

So that takes care of Image, for whatever crazy reason I feel like commenting on DC again.

Batman and Robin #1

So yeah, I’m for sure going to get this series. Why? Well I’m working on a new post called “the Grant Morrison Batman trilogy” and when looking at this ‘trilogy’ of sorts, I realized that Morrison told a really cool story and I want to see more Batman from him. Even if it’s not the caped crusader we all know and love.

Batman #687

I will be avoiding this like the plague it no doubt is. No offense is you really like Winick’s writing but from what I’ve seen, and in me trying to read the Titans series early last year, I can’t stand his bland poorly done writing. That’s just how I’m seeing it though. Maybe he’ll do a good job with the Dark Knight, who knows.

Detective Comics #854

One thing I will for sure be reading is Greg Rucka’s Batwoman series, which is really just her taking over Detective Comics but hey, it works well and looks absolutely incredible. Since her debut the character has been in dire need of some real spotlight time and this will finally prove if she’s here to stay or should be killed off via phone voting.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #1

Paul Dini…Dustin Nguyen…must have…okay really now this looks cool. I’m not exactly sure or not but…half of me says check it out the other half says it could be a giant waste of time and my money. But still they where an incredible team during Detective Comics so I’ll check this out.

Gotham City Sirens

Half of me thinks this will be a shameful T&A comic seeing as March excels at those aspects. The other half of me thinks “Paul Dini is writing 2 Gotham books?! And one with Catwoman and Harley Quinn?! Must have!” as these are characters he excels at writing…that and March’s artwork is amazing. I will probably at least give it a look-see.

To Marvel's Solicits!

TimeStorm one-shots

This is weird, rather then a 3rd issue of the series, there’s 2 tie in comics. Weird. I doubt I’ll get them but this is just really strange.

Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-man #1

I’m tempted to check this out. It’s got a stellar team on it and really it should be interesting to see how Mac acts with being the new Spider-man. Carnage is promised in it which is what really gets me, and Anti-Venom which is cool as all hell. As a Symbiote fan I can’t see any reason not to check this out.

Secret Warriors #5

After a better second issue I’m not feeling as worried about this series but still a little unsure. Glad to see the first arc is just 5 issues though. Also I’m pretty sure Hellfire dies seeing as he’s the only one not there, well him along with Yo-Yo.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2

Really looking forward to this. Seeing as Cornell really seemed to get the right beat of drama/action in #4 of YA Presents, I can’t see why he wouldn’t have the same great balance in an entire series. Damn…is it May Yet? Seriously though if anyone reading this never read Young Avengers Presents #4 and doesn’t have an opinion about that, check it out as then you’ll probably be as excited as I am for this.

Mighty Avengers #26

Can we officially take Koi Pham off the list as writer for Mighty Avengers? Please? Because It’s painfully obvious that he won’t be drawing the book until the next ice age. I know it’s all I harp on about this book but it’s really annoying. And great, more Fantastic Four fighting. Hooray. I don’t know anymore about this…I’m doing my best not to drop it as it really does hold my interest but…wow this is just looking worse and worse.

Dark Avengers #6

This solicit is really weird. It doesn’t describe anything really and I’m not too worried about the team for now. But I of course will keep reading.

Captain America #600

Marvel seems to be renumbering a lot of their comics. Thor is already at 600, Daredevil is on his way to 500 soon…I wouldn’t be too surprised if Invincible Iron Man and Hulk to get a new numbering as well. It’s not like I’m really complaining though I think it’s great that Marvel is showing their appreciation for the length of these comics. This issue itself sounds pretty good, with a reflection on the death of Steve Rogers. I left the series because it was taking too long to really draw me in anymore, but I’ve been tempted to come back.

Marvel Zombies 4 #3

So we’ve got a Man-Thing filled issue with him as the last resort to stop this…Dark Rain…ugh. Oh well, more Man-Thing is always a good thing. I’m really not so sure about this anymore though…this really should have been called The Midnight Sons as it has nothing to do directly with the main Marvel Zombies franchise like the previous 3 did. It’s just called MZ4 to get attention. Too bad because the Midnight Sons deserve more credit than that. So yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to wait for the trade on this.

Skarr: Son of Hulk #12

I’m half tempted to check this out. Skarr turned out to be such a waste of time for me though that I’m just not sure anymore…the Hulk fan in me says yes, the smart guy in me says no. I think I’ll leave this one to online spoilers, for now at least.

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-men: Utopia one-shot

Really what caught my eye about this was Marc Silvestri’s name as the artist. It seems every now and then he likes to still work with Marvel which is always nice to see. That alone is what has me interested in this. Though the overall crossover, not so much…I’m half considering ignoring it and just waiting for it to be over until I buy Dark Avengers again. Though I’ll give this a shot.

Dark Wolverine #75

Not going to read this, not going anywhere near this really, just wanted to comment on this and look forward to seeing the books sales drop drastically. Seeing as from the looks of it, Wolverine Origins is still going on, I think it’s safe to call this another one of the big bad ideas Marvel’s done.

Wolverine: weapon X #3

So Wolverine is going to kick some ass basically, these Wannabe’s are acting like they can take on the big dog? Ever heard of “biting off more then you can chew”? I have a feeling their about to bite off so much they choke after one bite. Can’t wait to check this out in a few weeks.

Nothing to really say on the Hardcovers, there is the Kick Ass Hardcover and a reprinting of the Fallen Son Hardcover but that’s really it. Guess there really aren’t any books to buy as far as collections in June.

-New Age News Add-on-

Didn't want to double post in one day so I figured I'd add this teaser image and the dread it fills me with at the end of this.

I seriously hope this isn't what it obviously looks like. Eve getting killed by Conquest. needless to say Kirkman has me biting my nails in worry. I finally sighed of relief after #60 and here I am again...damn. Well I can only hope this isn't what it bluntly states to be but....damn.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Week Begins

The Week Begins…with 2 comics. Cool. Savage Dragon is oddly MIA for the week.

Spawn #190 *most anticipated of the week*

Written: Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin

Art: Whilce Portacio

After a great chapter last month I’m excited to see where the Endgame goes from here. It was great to see Jim running around as Spawn but now where we go here is crucial, it’s time to see Jim really get his hands dirty and his face blood splattered. I’m still not sure though, but really hopeful for it.

Mighty Avengers #23

Written: Dan Slott

Art: Koi Pham

Pham’s last issue for the next few months. That fact alone continues to bug the hell out of me, but overall this opening arc has turned out to be pretty flat and uninteresting and the preview doesn’t get me anymore hopeful. I’m not sure why I’ll continue reading. Maybe I’m stupid or maybe I’m crazier then my psychologist said. But I’ll keep reading for at least a couple of more months seeing as I really want to love this comic.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week's End

The week has ended but Spring has Sprung.

Comic of the Week: Wolverine #71

I’m sure you all saw this coming. After some really great reads this one stood out above them all and took the prize. Old Man Logan continues to impress as this comic was well worth the 2 month wait. And it’s rare I can say that about any comics, let alone one that’s been as delay plagued as this story has. While the pacing was a little off, I could say the same for just about every other comic this week. So it steals the win just barely from Invincible.

Moment(s) of the Week

Going to go Weekly Crisis on you guys as there where some really cool, or interesting, moments I wanted to point out.

Dark Avengers #3

Bendis writes a mean Doc Doom for sure. Dare I say, the best Doom writer since Stan Lee? I’m sure that’s something a lot of fanboys will enjoy smacking down but I truly believe Bendis has the best grip on the character then any writer has had in ages. This was just a great cliff-hanger that gets the blood pumping and the heart racing to see where we go with #4.

Wolverine #71

Ladies and gentlemen meet my new desktop background. This right here is why the art delays are worth it, it always looks so incredible. Though some are speculating that maybe some of this is Millar’s fault I’m not so sure really. This isn’t exactly something you draw in 5 quick minutes.

Venom’s not looking too good there. Seems Blackbolt was more of a cheap idea, just throw in him to take down Venom, but it works.

Just an epic shot of Doctor Doom I wanted to show you all. Now I never saw this in the comic, but apparently he and Emma are married? I don’t remember reading that but I guess I see the logic seeing as he’s overlooking the heroes as they leave. Though it’s disappointing to just see him here and it seems he won’t be too important to the overall plot.

Hawkeye will have a hard time getting up after that. I know he’s Hawkeye and he doesn’t stay dead for long, but we specifically see his brains go splat here so I don’t see anyway around this. Still a great way to end this issue.

Invincible #60

So I’m pretty sure Dupli-Kate and Rex Plode both dead. This was a nice scene but the panels in the middle felt a little jarring. Still a really good moment through the plot.

Ultimatum #3

Eww….Hank, you got something stuck between your teeth. Okay seriously this was a dumb as all hell moment, though it was at least nice to see Blob gets what he deserved for the absolute-gross out moment in #2…

Uncanny X-men #507

So Magneto is back…not sure if I’m happy or annoyed, seeing as if Mutants can start getting their powers back…what’s all the fuss over the “Messiah”? from the 2 main Messiah stories? I don’t know, he’s one of my favorite villains but this just feels cheap to me. I’ll see how it plays out.

So that’s it for moments, wanted to give a quick thanks to Kirk Warren and Rokk Krinn (their blogs can be found in their names) for always giving me the images for the moments here.

Cover(s) of the Week: Witchblade #125 joined cover by Chris Bachalo

Both where great covers but what really completes them is the 2 covers put together. I love the detail on Sara’s belt and all the crazy stuff she’s got around her. Bachalo always puts in such amazing and energetic detail and I’m really disappointed he isn’t the main cover artist through war of the witchblades, it would be awesome. I also like the new title design for this event.

So that’s it for Week’s End, this is also the last time I’ll have an end thing at the end of a post. I’ve decided their not really useful as I’ll just post what’s coming up when I post it, no need to let you know as you can see it for yourself the next day.