Sunday, May 31, 2009

Month's End - May 2009

Similar to Week’s End yesterday, Month’s End has me going through all the great comics, moments, characters, etc. of this month. Also at the end I look ahead into the next month and mention the one comic I’m most excited to check out.

Comic of the Month: Witchblade #127

After reading this issue a loud “OH DAMN!” echoed through my house at the shock of the last page. Now our main character (Oh uh, spoiler alert?) gets stabbed through the chest by one of (there are many villains in this storyline) and she falls to the ground, eyes wide and bleeding out. Now I’ve only been reading Witchblade on a constant basis since early last year with #116 but I’ve quickly grown to love it and it’s been one of the best comics on the shelves each month for me.

We’re currently in the big event arc War of the Witchblades and this issue is the one that really kicked it all off and got things fired up. Now I know what you’re thinking “Andrenn, people get killed all the times in comics or get stabbed or shot at the end of an issue and are magically just fine, why are you worried about this character?” because it’s Ron Marz. I’ve been reading this title for 11 issues and I can fully comprehend that Ron Marz does not bullshit the readers and when he does something he means it. So while I’m hopeful that Sara (the girl on that cover) is alive, I’ve given up all hope…oh and the worst part is #128 has been delayed to July…damn.

Moment of the Month: A new Batman *Battle for the Cowl #3*

We all saw this coming, I know, but now it’s official the Dick Grayson is Batman. Some people think this is a horrible idea, that no one can fill Bruce’s cowl and I agree but at the same time I can’t say I’m not happy to see Dick down the cowl above all the other contenders. Dick is a great character and will hopefully make a great Batman and it was nice to see his transformation into Batman.

Cover of the Month: Wolverine: Weapon X #2 variant by Marko Djurdjevic

This month had tons of awesome covers so this was a really tough choice. Though like usual Mark Djurdjevic delivers an incredible cover. I like most the use of red against Logan’s very dark costume, it stands out very nice and the overall pose and the skulls around him just adds to it making for a very badass and cool image.

Artists of the Month: Adam Kubert and Tommy Lee Edwards

Wolverine #73 wad divided by these two very talented artists and while the stories didn’t impress me too much the artwork was great. Kubert himself did have some problems with scrunch faced Wolverine but outside that he turned in incredible work as did Edwards who brought the second story to life beautifully.

Character of the Month: Melter

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1 really impressed me, and we got some great new characters from it that where all interesting in their own way. Though none of them could compete with the troubled leader Melter who struggles with his desire to be a super hero and be loved by the public, and his dangerous teammates. He is divided by so much, his love for the thieving Enchantress, his trust is the racist Big Zero, his forced excuses for the murderous Executioner. It’s all really interesting and cool stuff, Cornell makes you feel for the guy without making you senselessly pity him. Though I sense he will go down a dark path by this series’ end.

Most Anticipated for the Upcoming Month: Batman and Robin #1

This was a really tough decision, June is going to have some really incredible comics that I’m highly anticipating so just picking one was really tough. We’re getting 2 issues of Spawn, more Dark Reign goodness, a bunch of great looking new Bat-titles, though I have to pick one and this one steals it. Ever since they opened “The Source” DC has been getting much better about their marketing and hyping their products, getting me really excited for this awesome new era of Batman. Though a lot of the books look great, it’s Grant Morrison’s return to the Dark Knight alongside with Frank Quietly that has me most excited. I like a lot of things from the sounds of them, the short 3 part arcs, the characters, the action, it all looks really great and I’m hyped for it as it looks like it will be a great read.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week's End - May 30th 2009

The Week is over, Wolverine #72 was the only book I read though.

Comic of the Week: Wolverine #72

I’m going to be honest, I was tempted not to even add Comic of the Week this week as I was very much bugged by the cheap death of Logan’s family. I didn’t so much mind them dying, as much as I did how easy and phoned in it was. Millar has done some really crazy cool stuff with this storyline and I figured if he was going to kill the family it would be some big exciting moment. Though I can look past that one problem as still I did enjoy this issue, Red Skull was incredibly great and the art by McNiven was well worth it. This storyline hit a snag with this issue, but even with that snag I can’t deny that I continue to enjoy it.

Moment of the Week: Red Skull’s Decapitation

OUCH! McNiven really was born to draw this storyline as the gore has been top notch, we’ve seen people getting their heads smacked off and people getting shot up but nothing compares to this. Logan’s fight with Red Skull was an awesome one, definitely worth the wait for the issue and this was a badass way to end it, Skull’s obsession with keeping all these trophies lead to his death really. Personally if I was him I’d use Cap’s shield as a soup bowl.

Cover of the Week: Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight One-Shot by Jim Lee

There’s always something about Jim Lee’s Batman that appeals to me above many other artists. Really he’s got to be one of the best artists out there who draws the Dark Knight. I sure wish DC would put him on an ongoing series with Batman. Maybe have Frank Miller write it, that would be cool. Alas it seems he’s given up drawing for the DCU MMO, which actually does look pretty good. Still he graces us with awesome covers every so often and this is just one of them, his work for Trinity has also been nice, but this is one of his better recent covers.

Artist of the Week: Steve McNiven

I know his delays are frustrating, believe me I know, I wanted Giant Sized Old Man Logan Finale to come out already as much as the next guy but damn if it isn’t always worth the wait. I don’t let many artists get away with frustrating delays because they are either not worth it or the delay has killed all enjoyable aspects of the comic for me. With McNiven that isn’t really a problem as he really makes every day I have to wait worth it.

Comic I wish I got: Aliens #1

I’m not really big on Science Fiction, though one of the few franchises I’ve always enjoyed is the Aliens franchise. I decided to skip this issue after being severely disappointed with the Free Comic Book Day comic. Though Dark Horse really is the king of adaptations, I’ve purchased the two Aliens vs. Predator Omnibuses and loved them and I look forwards to checking out the separate franchise Omnibuses. They’ve done some really incredible stuff with these properties in the past and I can only hope they continue so today. While I’m trade waiting this mini as well as the Predator one, no way I’m missing out on the AvP series later this year.

Character of the Week: President Skull

Though he only got one issue in the Old Man Logan storyline I already can say I loved Millar’s portrayal of the classic Nazi villain. What’s more terrifying than a Nazi as president? Though what really made it work was just how sadistic and crazy he was, he kept all these souvenirs like Vision’s head, The Thing’s arm, Iron Man’s armor, it’s crazy and at the same time so awesome. It’s almost a shame that Logan had to decapitate him. Almost.

Collection of the Week: Magneto Testament HC

Sadly I haven’t been able to get my hands on this yet, and I probably won’t for another few weeks depending on the cash flow but man this is looking great. I love how Marvel added in some teaching notes that Pak used to get his information to this collection, I doubt I’ll need them but still that was really smart of them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Week Begins - May 26th 2009

You could have read this a couple of hours earlier over at Rokk's Comic Book Revolution, but I will still be posting things like this here a little later on. Only getting Wolverine this Wednesday.

Wolverine #72 *Most Anticipated*

Written: Mark Millar

Art: Steve McNiven

Old Man Logan has just been one amazing moment after another. If I had to describe it so far, it’s The Dark Knight Returns meets every great action film that has ever been made. Everything about it has stolen my attention and love and I don’t want it to stop. But sadly it seems we’re near the end, and I don’t know if I’m happy or sad. I must admit it is frustrating that we’re getting this issue now, the penultimate chapter, but will have to wait still for the final chapter. We all know Millar is going to end this issue with some heart stopping cliff-hanger, like Logan’s family at gunpoint or the world about to be blown up because Red Skull is just that evil. Still this looks great, I love the idea that Red Skull actually wears Bucky’s uniform; it’s so creepy and smart at the same time. This is looking to be another must have.

Ms. Marvel #39

Written: Brian Reed

Art: Sana Takeda

This actually looks really interesting. I admit at first glance this looked to be another boring tale for one of the Dark Avengers. Everyone’s getting some time in the sunlight, Bullseye, Venom, it makes sense to give Moonstone something to do as well when she’s not with the Avengers. Though what really grabs me is the art, Takeda is an absolutely brilliant artist who can pull off some really gorgeous stuff. Artwork like this is on the same level as Stjepan Sejic and Marko Djurdjevic for me. Though at the same time Reed always seems to be happy writing Ms. Marvel and when Reed likes what he’s writing, he writes it well. I probably won’t check this out, but I wouldn’t mind trade waiting it one bit.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6

Written: Damon Lindelof

Art: Lienel Yu

I’m seriously going to pick up the collection of this book when it comes out. Every preview image or scan from it looks really cool and seems to be a brilliant comic. I know it was delayed like all hell so I understand everyone’s frustration but this really does look great to me. I wouldn’t say great enough to check out the actual comic, but great enough to wait for the collection of it.

The Amazing Spider-man #595

Written: Joe Kelly

Art: Phil Jimenez

The American Son arc, a fairly well hyped up storyline about Spider-man taking on Dark Reign finally. It sounds interesting I must admit, and there’s a certain cover for a later issue that really caught my attention but I’m fine with skipping this. Ever since New Ways to Die disappointed in the final act I’ve been even more sour about the Web Slinger. Jimenez is a really hit or miss artist with me and from what I saw on his last issues of this series I was not impressed. If I hear good things, collection, if not then I’ll happily skip it.

Spider-man: The Short Halloween One-Shot

Written: Bill Hader and Seth Meyers

Art: Kevin Maguire

All right, first off I love the title as it pays homage to one of my favorite Batman stories. Second I don’t see the big deal about 2 celebrities writing a comic, I never have and I doubt I ever will. Thirdly, Maguire is an incredible artist so I’m a little torn. This actually does look rather funny from the preview but wow, what a weird concept.

Dark Reign: the Hood #1

Written: Jeff Parker

Art: Kyle Hotz

When I look at the Cabal I see characters I like, such as Namor and Loki. I also see characters who I really like and am a big fan of, such as Doom and Emma. Then I see a character who’s been bugging me ever since Bendis forced him down our throats back in 2007. I understand that The Hood was created by the ever beloved BKV (Brian K. Vaughn) and I’ve been tempted to check out the series that started it all but damn Bendis has never once made me like this character. I continue to hate and despise everything about him and just wish he’d get killed off. He’s not even the kind of villain I hate for good reasons, like Norman Osborn who is a badass villain I hate. He’s the kind of villain I hate because he really has done nothing to earn the high status he’s given, and we’re expected to accept him in the same group as Dr. Doom? I just can’t see it. But for all my whining, the talent behind this is impressive, Parker is a great writer and I’ve seen Hotz’ art and I enjoy it. Another consideration for the collection list.

X-men: World Apart HC

Written: Chris Yost

Art: Diogenes Neves

Looking at all the X-men, Storm is undeniably a favorite of mine. She’s been pulled back and forth so much that when they finally give her a mini-series, at the time I was tapped out so I couldn’t get it. I really want to check this out as it’s dealing with stuff that really matters to me like her relationship with T’Challa and balancing her place as an X-man. But sadly this one is a little lower down on the collection list thanks to 2 other releases this week.

Spider-man Noir HC

Written: David Hine

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico

I love Noir, I love Spider-man, it makes sense that when you mix the two you’ve got a product I’m interested in. I skipped this mini and decided to trade wait for cost and I’ve been very patiently waiting for this, but now I’m too excited and I’ve got to check it out! I’ve heard mixed things on it which is never a good sign, but David Hine is one of my favorite current writers and it really does looks incredible.

X-men: Magneto Testament HC

Written: Greg Pak

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico

This book has been called everything but bad, boring or stupid. I’ve heard plenty of love for the Marvel Knights line but this has to be the most well received MK comic in a very long time. Like with Spider-man Noir I wanted to read this, but I decided to wait on it and save myself the coin. Now I’m a huge Holocaust guy, throughout history it’s the one time period that has fascinated me the most. I learned about it first at the Holocaust Museum and D.C. and I haven’t forgotten a thing. It seems Pak did his homework to tell a chilling origin for one of my favorite villains so I’m going to eagerly pick this up as soon as I can.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Times They Are-A Changin'

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do something special for my 200th post, if it would be just another simple post of if I was actually going to say something important or do something important but I guess either way this is still a nice way to celebrate 200 posts.

Well does anyone know that Bob Dylan song? You know, the one that played during the Watchmen opening. I believe it was “The Times They Are-A Changin”.

This is just like that, the times are indeed changing. I’m moving to Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution. I’ve been invited to join as their newest member and I happily agreed.

So if you want to keep watching what I write, check out there, but don’t worry folks I’ll still be around here. I’ll post reviews and other things here of course, but for most of my reviews and articles they will be posted there. So while I’m going to be on 2 blogs you can check out both for my stuff.

Also there may or may not be reviews that I can fit onto the Revolution at times, so I may post some reviews here when I can only post them here. Either way I hope you guys don’t mind having to migrate a bit to check out most of my stuff there because I really enjoy writing for you all.

So yeah, I guess a short update but an important one nonetheless. I’ve been going over some ideas for my first post, but I’ll wait for my introduction post to be posted first before I post anything


Friday, May 22, 2009

My "Captain Britan"

The title may confuse you a bit “My ‘Captain Britain’ “ needs a bit of an explanation before I get into this. See recently a very well received Marvel Comic called Captain Britain and the MI13 was canceled. Now many of it’s fans are upset and have every reason to be…but that got me thinking. How many comics have you been loving that just out of the blue where canceled for whatever reasons? I’m sure you’ve had at least one or two, and for that they’ve become your ‘Captain Britain’ in a sense.

So what is my ‘Captain Britain’? the comic that I was loving, but was sadly struck down in the prime of it’s life?

Spawn: Godslayer

Never heard of it? I can’t say I blame you, it lasted all of a year, had 8 issues under it’s belt and started with a one-shot a year prior. It was written by Brian Haberlin with art by Phillip Tan.

The best way I can describe Spawn: Godslayer is an epic tale of magic, crazy myths and horrific battles that had a huge amount of both incredible action and intrigue as well as personal character moments and heartbreak. Simply put, it was one of the greatest comics I had ever read and I will never forget it.

So while our ‘Captain Britain’ May be gone for a longtime, we still have the memories of those awesome and great comics over the years that we will never forget. My condolences to the fans of Captain Britain and the MI13, I know how it feels to lose a stellar comic you loved.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Future of Batman

A new Batman has arrived, and while it’s the person we all knew would take up the cowl (hope you all didn’t mind throwing away 4 dollars over the last 3 months for the obvious to happen) Dic Grayson the original Robin and later on Nightwing is now Batman. There is much to do in the new world of the Batman, a new Robin is by his side in Batman’s first real son, Damian. So to celebrate the new Batman I wanted to take one more look at the upcoming Bat-titles and give my overall thoughts on them. I’ll be avoiding Batgirl since it was just solicited.


Written: Judd Winnick

Art: Ed Benes and Mark Bagley

The main ongoing title that will explore the adventures of our new Batman. Dick Grayson has a lot to deal with thanks to his new role, hopefully this book will tackle the left over plot of the new Black Mask. Now I despise how we got this new Black Mask out of nowhere, the military invades Gotham and all this crap but I admit this book still has some potential. Benes and Bagley are incredible artists who will no doubt turn in great work, but of course there is Winnick…what to say about Winnick? He’s the man who brought back Jason Todd. I think that should say it all. I remember actually reading through the collection of that storyline, it actually had some good moments surprisingly and maybe Batman is simply a character that Winnick writes better than the Titans. I won’t be giving this a read mainly for Winnick but also because the other books all look far more interesting than this.

Batman and Robin

Written: Grant Morrison

Art: Frank Quietly

Undeniably the most exciting looking book of them all is the continuation of Morrison’s Batman saga. I had mistaken it as more a simple trilogy, just as people before Episode 1 mistook the Star Wars series as such. But it turns out there’s more to the story and this is a far more epic saga than I had imagined. Let’s just hope there aren’t any Jar Jar Binks characters in this. While Morrison isn’t one of my favorite writers usually, he’s talented to say the least. He excels a lot with the character of Batman and really seems to enjoy writing him a lot like most writers have. I love the concept of a Light-hearted Batman and a Darker Robin, it just sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun to read. Of course there’s plenty of room for this book to fall flat, delays could really kill it with Quietly as the artist and the plots could turn out to be nothing more than boring second rate stories, but I have faith that Morrison can pull more than that off. Also while I’m not his biggest fan, Quietley’s art is looking really good for this book.

Detective Comics

Written: Greg Rucka

Art: J.H. Williams the 3rd

Though this series debuted the Dark Knight it’s going over to the uh…Dark Maiden? Does that work? I like it. I’m sticking with it. Yes Batwoman is taking over the long beloved Batman title and is being written by her creator Rucka. The book’s opening story arc will have her taking on some fairytale villain named Alice who is completely new. I admit I don’t know how that could work so well but it certainly sounds awesome. Sadly the budget man has come and poked this out of my grasp, so I’m trade waiting this. Still it looks incredibly good, even if just for the awesome art, a possible Must Have book.

Batman: Streets of Gotham

Written: Paul Dini

Art: Dustin Nguyen

Looking back on their run, Dini and Nguyen really gave us an incredible bat-book that sadly was in the shadow of the third stage of Morrison’s saga. While the two are not reuniting on Detective Comics they are joining forces once again to keep the great Bat-tales going on their own new ongoing series which is just as awesome. The idea of it seems to be more like a Batman book that’s about far more than just the Batman himself and his adventures which sounds exciting. We know our new Batman will be joining forces with Gordon to take on Firefly and he’ll even butt-heads with Bruce Wayne. Though that’s actually Tommy Elliot, former Bat-nemesis as Hush. This books looks to be very exciting and a thrilling ride.

Gotham City Sirens

Written: Paul Dini

Art: Guillem March

An interesting looking book to say the least, but I admit I’m rather confused as to why we get this kind of book instead of just giving Catwoman her own ongoing series again. She was able to hold one for an incredibly long time, I can’t see why we wouldn’t give her one again and instead make her share the spotlight with 2 other, much lesser, characters. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of Paul Dini writing for Harley Quinn is a dream come true for a fan of the Animated series like myself but at the same time this just feels rather odd. Poison Ivy? Really? She deserves a spot in her own series? That just seems weird to me. Still I can’t deny that for female villains these 3 are about as deadly as it gets, at least for Gotham City, so this book could be good. Also Dini is a strong writer, is brining back Hush, so this all could go well and March’s art is a very nice bonus so I’ll check this out.

Red Robin

Written: Christopher Yost

Art: Ramon Bachs

This book pretty much interests me to the lowest point, I can’t really see any reason why I’d want to really check it out. We can assume Tim Drake is Red Robin, he’ll be searching for Bruce Wayne which we know is just a futile and waste of our time read. Still Yost is getting his own ongoing series at least, that’s cool, and who knows maybe this could be a really good book. Though either way I’m avoiding it mostly because it doesn’t’ really look all that interesting or appealing to me personally.

So that’s it for my thoughts on the future of Batman, there is much that can still happen. I am hopeful for lots of twists and turns as it all unfolds.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Solicit Commentary for August 2009

Solicit commentaries seem to be coming faster and faster than I remember, the months certianly are going by fast. But nonetheless there are solicits to comment on like always.

Image Comics Solicits for August 2009

DC Comics Solicits for August 2009

Marvel Comics Solicits for August 2009

Darkness/Pitt #1

An interesting sounding story, it’s got some serious talent behind it so I wouldn’t mind checking out the collection. Pitt was incredibly awesome in his recent return during Invincible so this should be a cool read to see him take center stage alongside The Darkness.

G-man: Cape Crisis #1

Here’s a really cool looking book I’ll be trade waiting. Been looking for the G-man digest book but none of the book stores I order from usually have it up yet.

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve TPB

I missed out on this mini a year back, it looked pretty good but I wasn’t even aware of it until the time that issue #2 came out. I may check this out since it’s only 6 bucks.

Invincible #65

Pretty much outright saying Eve will die from all the hints and tips. It’s sad to see that she’ll no doubt go but maybe her death will be for some just cause, who knows. Or maybe somehow this will be another’s funeral, I can’t imagine who else would die though.

Jersey Gods #6

Another 5 part arc eh? Was hoping for more of a downtime type issue but this should be another great read. For all you crazy people out there who missed out on this with the first arc, the collection book of it is out in August and this issue is said to be a good jumping on point so I don’t wanna hear any excuses.

Savage Dragon #151

Dragon’s Kids are taking the spotlight and fighting their own villain? Should be an interesting read. I’m hopeful that Overlord doesn’t just show up in issue #150 and disappear like it seems he may.

Spawn #195

Love the way Spawn’s costume is really coming together and looking awesome like this. The Freak? I’m not a big fan of him as far as Spawn villains go. It could go well and he could be pulled off nicely but when compared to Violator or The Redeemer he’s fairly forgettable.

Witchblade #129

The penultimate chapter, how exciting! War of the Witchblades is turning out to be another great story from Marz but I’m not so sure if I’m going to like the outcome. The fan in me hopes that Sara will still be the bearer somehow but at the same time I know better than to trust Marz and hope he’ll give us a straight forward ending, that’s never how it ends.

Also…I noticed, no Haunt AGAIN, ugh, I refuse to ever let Image tell me a comic is coming out until I see it in the damn solicits cuz this is getting really annoying.

Blackest Night: Batman #1

Blackest Night itself is so far on the consider list, but this is a book I may actually read even if I don’t read Blackest Night. It sounds awesome, and the idea of Dick (We all know it’s him under the cowl) confronting his zombie parents sounds awesome.

Batman: Widening Gyre #1

Oh Kevin Smith, we danced this dance before and sadly you and I stepped on our feet one too many times. I’ll admit I love the idea of a new Batman Maxi-series by one of my favorite directors (when the hell is Tim Burton going to write one of these?!) but sadly both for cost and fear of delays has me trade waiting on what looks to be an awesome experience.

Batgirl #1

I wish DC would give the newer writers smaller job and the bigger writers bigger jobs like this. I had high hopes that Paul Dini would write this, but that was more of a hope that probably would not have come true either way. I’d really love to check this out, always been a fan of Batgirl, but I’ll be waiting for the verdict on this to see if I’ll check out the collection or not.

Batman and Robin #3

I do love it when they only give us a small opening arc, it’s so nice. We get a usually good amount of introduction for the series and aren’t made to worry about delays or any big problems. Even if the first arc does stink, it’s only 3 issues so it’s no big deal. Really looking forward to this debut arc and hopeful that Morrison can pull this off.

Detective Comics #856

Sadly Detective Comics bit the bullet as far as me reading it. I’d love to read this story as it does look pretty awesome, but I’ve dropped the series to try and save myself some cash.

Batman #689

Awesome cover by Kubert, still not getting this. Just commenting on it to mention this sounds like a boring story.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #3

A very interesting story from the sounds of it, why isn’t something like this headlining the main Bat-book? This sounds a thousand times better than Batman simply looking for thugs. Then again, it’s Dini. We all know Hush will escape and be the new Bruce Wayne (certainly irk worthy) and he’ll be butting heads with the new Batman, which should make for an awesome tale.

Gotham City Sirens #3

A romance between Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn? Mr. J ain’t gonna like that when he gets back. I’ll admit I’m rather on the fence, my wallet says trade wait this buy my head and all senses say this is a must have comic. Maybe I’ll wait for the first issue, if I can get a copy and read it. If I enjoy it from the first issue it’ll be added to the pull list.

Amazing Spider-man #601-603

The return of MJ, how nice…I can’t help but be a little hopeful that this won’t be just constant In Your Face OMD bullshit but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all it really is.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #1

I’m gonna be honest, I probably won’t check this out. Millar has impressed me on Old Man Logan but that’s about it as far as his really impressed me, he’s done a good job here and there but I can’t see any reason I’d want to check this out other than Pacheco’s awesome art.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1

Here is the comic I am excited for! To be honest the biggest thing I’m hyped for is more Lafuente on art with Bendis but the story sounds interesting as well. I’m not a big fan of the cast change, and the idea of a new Spider-man worries me but damn I’m not going to miss out on the next generation of great new stories from Bendis as this is practically a guaranteed success.

Uncanny X-Men #514

I’m considering waiting on the Utopia event, dropping Dark Avengers and picking it up after this all sorts out as it’s just not sounding all that interesting to me anymore. But at the same time I can’t deny the talent alone is a pulling factor for me to check this out.

Dark Avengers #8

Sounds exciting, the real X-men show up to take down the Dark X-men. I hope this means we’ll get some confrontation with Scott and Emma. Though I do have one problem, Deodato is off for art? I know he was having trouble with being timely, as #5 is being delayed, but kicking him off the book? That sucks…hopefully he’ll be back after Utopia, and hey, it’s not like they got a bad stand in artist. Luke Ross is awesome, this should be good still.

The Marvel Project #1

I honestly can’t see the excitement behind this book. I’ve grown bored of poking at just the past of comics. Still this could be a very interesting book no doubt but it just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

Wolverine: Weapon X #4

Jason Aaron said the delay for issue #4 would be worth it as it’s going to be an all out bloodbath worth every cent. The story itself sounds awesome so I guess I can forgive the delay, really looking forward to more Weapon X.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4

That cover is rather ironic seeing as Wiccan was originally called Asgardian and here he is with Enchantress. Still this sounds pretty awesome, I like how it seems this book is about both the Young Avengers team and how they try to work on a same level but they clash so much.

Mighty Avengers #28

All of a sudden I’m not really regretting reading this book anymore! I am very happy to see Slott addressing the whole Statue/Vision/Scarlet Witch problem that these 3 are all tangled up in and this should be an awesome read. Hopefully they can find out the truth, though that may make things worse.

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-man #1

I continue to love that title, so awesome. This story doesn’t really sound all that great I admit, something about a guy called Redeemer (Eddie? Are you really back?!) and yadda yadda. But hey it’s got Venom tormenting JJJ and Chris Bachalo on art, nothing wrong with that for sure.

Ghost Rider: Heaven’s on Fire #1

Here is a comic that looks good, sounds good, but I’m just not sure of it. (Also that cover by Lee is creeping me out) I like Aaron’s work on a lot of things. His first run on Ghost Rider was good but I decided to wait on it. This sounds pretty interesting and as a big time GR fan I should like it but I’m just not sure. It’s on the Consider It List.

Timestorm: 2009/2099 #4

All right, this sounds awesome. But as you all know by now I dropped this for price and the fact that it just didn’t really feel worth it. Maybe I’ll get the collection later on but for now I’m happy with skipping this.

Incredible Hulk #601

So Pak and Van Lente are taking over? Quite an interesting change in things. The art talent looks promising, but despite how good this may be, I’m skipping it.

Hulk #13 and 14

Is McGuiness leaving the book? I hope not, but this stand in artist looks pretty good. I really like the idea of Red Hulk going toe-to-toe with Wolverine as Wolverine is obligated to fight a Hulk at least 2 times a year.

Now much to my surprise Marvel is releasing quite a few awesome looking HC’s this month. Seeing as the last 2 months of solicits have had about no collection books I could care about, this is awesome.

Dark Avengers volume 1: Dark Avengers Assemble HC

By now you know Dark Avengers has been one of my favorite new series of the year. It’s just been great and I highly recommend anyone who skipped out on the first story arc (assuming the next 2 issues are as great as the first 4 have been) to check this out.

Messiah War HC

Uhm, bad cover choice perhaps? Don’t get me wrong I like Olivetti’s work but…seriously? Just the simple cover of these 3 shooting? Really now? Not that awesome Kaare Andrews cover for the one-shot? Eh, oh well, your call. Considering picking this up, reviews have been less than warm to this event but I’m still interested. But wait, I just's collecting that awful Bishop mini? Oh god, wait to throw a turd onto a rock.

Hulk: Green Hulk/Red Hulk HC

This is what I’ve been waiting for, an epic collection of the first 9 issues which is great. People are still insisting this comic sucks, and maybe to some it does but I certainly enjoyed it while I was reading it.

Astonishing X-men: Ghost Box HC

I was tempted to get this series with the jumping on of one of my favorite writers but with the delays I decided against it even though I loved the opening issue. It’s been getting some mixed reviews all over the board, but I still look forward to checking it out.

New Avengers: The Reunion HC

Here is a tempting book…while I decided to skip this, the overall story has me intrigued and I wouldn’t mind actually getting to read this for myself in collected format. It looks pretty good and had some awesome twists and turns.

Secret Warriors volume 1 HC

And so it has come to this, trade waiting. I don’t mind really in the end, and I’m surprised this volume is coming out so fast, but not sad as I’ll gladly be picking it up as soon as I can.

Mighty Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest HC

While Dan Slott’s opening issues on Mighty Avengers have been a mixed bag of good moments and weak moments I still will pick this up. Also nice cover choice, though it’s ironic that Hank Pym is nowhere to be seen seeing as he’s the leader, but oh well.