Monday, February 2, 2009

Scarlet Veronica #3 Advanced Review

Before I start the review, apologies are needed. I got this issue sent to me on January 19th, but I hardly check my E-mail nowadays so I just saw it the other day. So this review could have been a lot more advanced then it is now, as this issue is set to come out this very week. But hey, an extra 2 days before it is still technically advanced, right? So thanks to Jason Moody for sending me this issue a week back and now I shall review it.

Opening Comments: Scarlet Veronica is a comic that isn’t as easy to review as most comics. While it doesn’t have the depth that comics like Captain America have it doesn’t really need it. It’s more a wicked fun series that doesn’t try too hard to be something it’s not, it plays to It’s strength of being a fun and cool comic that has great moments and enjoyable characters. While some may want a little more depth to a comic, for anyone who’s looking for a good read and some fun character Scarlet Veronica is the perfect comic for you.

Story Comments: The opening for this issue is a good opening, but compared to the rest of the issue, it’s just all right. We pick up last time with Veronica fleeing into a church with a little girl she saved from the zombie attack. Their soon attacked by Frank who is the big purple zombie on the cover.
Things go from fighting to talk rather quickly as Lydia, the girl Veronica saved, intervenes to reveal Frank is a good guy. From here Mr. Death (seriously, best name ever. I’m not being sarcastic; Marvel really should be kicking themselves for not making up a Mr. Death character to work for Death and Thanos.) Shows up and from there it’s pretty much discussion.
For an opening it’s all right, really just tying up the end of issue 2 though as the majority of issue #3 is spent with Veronica taking on Ra’s monsters. Ra is revealed to be the main villain here who has it out to take over the world. It’s not exactly something new, bad guy wants something to help him take over the world, but still there’s a nice little twist near the end that makes it worthwhile.
This issue really picks up when we go to the next day as Zombies attack Veronica’s school. From here it’s high flying for this issue as everything from here to the final page is pure greatness and I loved it. I don’t want to spoil too much so I’ll put it this way, Veronica goes on a Zombie killing spree, fights a big bad monster, and in the end she’s got to save the world.
The story from here has a lot of great moments and it really made the first issue, which was more build up then anything, worth it to lead into some great character moments for Veronica and friends. We leave off on a fairly standard ‘time to kick some ass’ ending but it’s not something that’s suddenly unwelcome.
Overall the story was pretty good, despite the opening not being as good as the second half to this comic. Characters are great and there are some funny horror movie moments like Lydia knowing what the Necronomicon is thanks to the Evil Dead films. Characters, story and setting have all come together nicely here and it made for a great read.

Art Comments: Similar to the story of issue #3 for Scarlet Veronica, the art is all right in the opening and is much better come the zombie attack mid-issue. Faces are usually fine, but every so often a Manga face pops up and it’s a little weird and out of place for me. Still, the art is best when Veronica has gone Scarlet and all hell is breaking loose, meaning no doubt that the art for the final issue of this series will probably be at it’s strongest, which has me excited for next issue. Still, while the art isn’t perfect and has some weird moments, it’s pretty good.

Final Comments: Scarlet Veronica #3 was another great read for me. Despite an all right opening this issue really got things rolling perfectly for the finale next issue. With a sequel series in the works, right now I’m very happy to be reading this comic. As I said at the beginning of this review, it may not be as deep as other comics, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable of a read.

Writing: 4 out of 5
Art: 3 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

Must Read

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