Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week's End

A very small week but it ended nonetheless so with that we take a look in this Week’s edition of Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Batman #686

There are 2 reasons why this wins as comic of the week, 1 is that it’s obviously the only comic this week that I bought and 2 is that Gaiman impressed me on so many levels it isn’t even funny. Well a little perhaps. While I’ve never been a big fan of his work, I’ve always seen him as good and nothing beyond that really, I must admit I was near blown away with this. While it was a little off the wall in the sense telling different ways of how Batman died (my favorite being that Catwoman killed him) and Joker’s appearance changing a bit here and there. It was filled with brilliant twists and turns and for that I cannot highly but one moment this week from this amazing comic, so expect a few moments being spotlighted this week. Of course I must mention Andy Kubert’s great art, great as he is, it’s a damn shame that he can’t even keep up with 2 issues in one month like most artists can, especially seeing how much time in advanced he had to get it done.

Moments of the Week: Batman #686

Best moment of them All was this, Alfred being the Joker. It’s obviously out of continuity and not possible, and the whole idea that all the villains where just him and some buddies playing dress up to make Batman feel important was weird no doubt. But seriously, I don’t know who thought this up, Gaiman or the editors, I’ll give Gaiman the credit of course seeing as this was just brilliant on so many levels.

My favorite of Batman’s deaths, the idea that Catwoman would kill him. Another brilliantly done moment though to be fair it was also a tad saddening, the idea that Catwoman would ever kill Batman. Though Gaiman handled it brilliantly in the dialogue here.

More brilliance in this moment with Joker. I loved how he insisted that he wouldn’t kill the guy simply because it’s not funny. Somehow, that along with his serious face made this moment a little funny. I also love his car; wish I could get one that grins that much. Though the dialogue again was priceless with his back and forth with the guy.

Then the idea that the Riddler is the goddamn Riddler and that he kills Batman. I loved this moment simply for that we always get scenes like this, where the bad guy has the villain at point blank and he either tries to shoot but missed/gets hurt or shot, or simply drops the gun. Was funny to actually see this happen and it almost felt like a spoof of some kind.

Cover of the Week: Thor #600 Djurdjevic wraparound

It seems Djurdjevic is now the ongoing cover artist for Thor, and that’s awesome. His Thor is great looking and really cool and this cover was just absolutely stunning. Everything down to the emotion on Odin’s face to the rage on Thor’s face as he goes up against Bor was great. I am still kicking myself for missing out on Thor #600.

So that’s it for the Week’s End, expect The Week Begins tomorrow.

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BrikHed said...

the Alfred/Joker part was one of those moments when I went "wow who would have ever thought of that" - this is going to be the end of my Batman run but one great capstone to a book i have collected for over 20 years