Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week's End

So a bit of an odd Week’s End as we’re missing one part and introducing a couple of new things.

Comic of the Week: None!

Yes, no comic of the Week. Mighty Avengers from what I understand, was a mediocre read at best and I refuse to even come close to reading any spoilers for Spawn #190 because I am an idiot. So there are no comics of the Week.

Moment of the Week: Mighty Avengers #23

So I said that the book was obviously not comic of the week, it was just mediocre and okay from what I read on the spoilers but I must admit this was a cool twist. Where we go from here though is certainly important. Is Loki using the team for evil somehow? Is she actually a ‘hero’ in a sense? This certainly is a good way of tying into Dark Reign and this really looks to be a great twist for the series. But it’s about the only thing that stuck out for me in this issue.

Cover of the Week: Dark Reign: Elektra #1 variant by Clay Mann

There where some really cool covers to choose from but this one wins for the fact that it just looks really stylish. Elektra looks so serious and dark in mind ant attitude and the whole effect of the ninjas around her looks great.

Artist of the Week: Chris Bachalo

Every company has it’s fair share of unused talent or underappreciated artists and writers. For me one of the most under appreciated artist in the business has been Chris Bachalo. His style is always so powerful and energetic and wild. His best work so far to me was his work on X-men during the Messiah Complex event. Though unfortunately he’s been scrapped to back up artist for New Avengers when he deserves to be the regular artist judging by how amazing some of his stuff was here. Seriously Marvel, get him on a major book soon. Perhaps X-force sometime?

The Comic I wish I Could Have Got of the Week: Messiah War Prologue

Ugh, I wanted to get this so badly. It looks great, it sounds great and to all my hopes and dreams this looks really great. So you’ve figured by now this is just me saying the one comic of the week I can’t buy, but really want to. I’ll try not to make it all me whining about that though as seriously, this does look like a great and cool even. Marvel has certainly done a great job of hyping it up and getting me, someone who isn’t even reading it, excited.

The “ugh” of the Week: Justice League of America # 31

This is a special honor reserved for the most annoying of the annoying moments or comics of the week. Do not expect it every week as I won’t go searching every corner of the internet for an “ugh” for every week. Now this Ugh was a great way to start off this new addition to Week’s End. What better way than more proof that DC’s Editing staff half the time sleeps at the computer? How do you miss this? How do you miss the obvious Wonder Woman as Black Canary mix up? Honest to god I have no idea how someone could be so incompetent as to miss this. I can understand somewhat on the artists part, it was a simple mistake, but the editors? Come on! So there, that was ugh-filled, the fact that this somehow slipped through so easily as a huge error. All hail Wonder Canary.


Matt Ampersand said...

Sometimes I can't stand Bachalo's art. I have some of his issues from Generation X and they were awesome. But he has a tendency to fill the page with too much detail and it looks extremely cramped.

Andrenn said...

While I've always loved Bachalo's art I cant' deny you're right that he does overdo it a lot.

Anonymous said...

"So I said that the book was obviously not comic of the week, it was just mediocre and okay from what I read on the spoilers..."

So you're saying that a book you HAVEN'T read is mediocre? What?

"...but I must admit this was a cool twist."

Your moment of the week is from a book you haven't read because other people's spoilers told you it was mediocre? Come again?

"’s about the only thing that stuck out for me in this issue."

But you didn't read the issue. Weird.

Andrenn said...

*chuckles* all right, you got me there I definitely could have worded that better. But I read some in depth spoilers as to the issue, all of what happened, and from what I read about it this issue of Mighty Avengers didn't really sound all that great to me. Though I haven't read the issue, yeah. Sorry for the confusion.